Thoughts on time ownership in today's world.

No doubt this is the objective of many people, and of course for most people ironically almost it takes time to get to the point in which you own your own time; but I think it’s a worthy and achievable goal - to want ownership of your time. Like many others, I strongly believe it’s one the most valuable commodities in life.

If you think about it, almost everything we do as humans is an attempt to extend our time. Wellness, workouts, jobs, money etc. it’s almost always just a way to either lengthen our time or buy our time back.

Depending on how you look at it, this all sounds rather existential, but that’s not the way I’m framing it. In my opinion, it’s getting almost easier than ever to take ownership of your time with the amount of work options options and technology available to most of us in the world today. But, again as people treasure time so much often they’re unwilling to dedicate significant amounts of it to a pursuit that in the long-run will actually provide them with more time.

Whilst the opportunities are abundant, the mindset required to succeed in time ownership is missing in today’s world filled with instant dopamine at the click of a button. Yes, I realize that the more I reflect and write and ponder such things that I’m beginning to sound like a grandpa complaining about the youth of today; but at least from my perspective it’s clear to see that focus, grit and trading time preservation for time freedom is becoming a lost skill.

Remember, in order to own your time later on, it’s critical to understand this and look for ways to train your focus. Otherwise, you have a slim to none chance of constructing a life you desire if you willingly let your time be pulled from one thing to another.

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