The power of unplugging: Finding clarity in my weekend run

As Dad of a 6 month old and working for myself, it can be hard to find time for health. But I still find time to run at least 5k every weekend.

After settling my son for a nap, I was getting ready to step on the treadmill but my Bluetooth earbuds had no battery. Like a lot of us, music is big motivator and particularly for exercise, but nonetheless I just got on with it.

And I’m so glad I did.

The Unexpected Joy of Disconnection

On a good day, I run 5k in 27 - 30 mins. In today’s world, having no “input” or distractions for 30 mins is a challenge as people simply can’t sit with their thoughts. Letting my body do the work and letting my brain just think was the greatest reset I’ve had this whole year. I simply let my thoughts flow and my mind wander.

It got me reflecting on the fact that during modern life, we leave zero time to just do nothing and simply think. We’re on our phones, listening to music, reading a book, watching videos, and mindlessly scrolling.

The Call to Unplug

Find ways to unplug, literally. It can be a scary world we’re heading into and those who have the power of focus and mental strength will be few and far between and thus incredibly valuable in an addiction-driven society.

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