The 4-Hour Work Week

In a world in which it’s all go go go and our brains are in constant overload, it’s easy to forget the big question:

What am I really working for

For most of us the answer is going to be rich - time rich that is.

Despite some of the outdated examples in the edition I got my hands on, the hidden gem in this book is that we can ‘buy’ freedom for a lot less than we thought and toss out the old assumptions that we need to work for 60+ years before we are ‘free’.

Alongside this standout gem, Ferris also provides some practical methods of being more productive through batching tasks and automating everyday things (emails, phone calls etc.) that take away life’s most precious currency - time.

Even if Ferris’s writing style is not your favorite, I suggest anyone with a vague interest in productivity, business and remote work will come away from this book with some interesting food for thought.

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