Mastery by Robert Greene is probably one of the most unique self-help style books I've picked up in a while.

It centers around detailed mini-biographies of historic and present day masters such as Darwin, Da Vinci, Paul Graham and more. But what I really liked is that these mini-biographies deeply analysed and provide rich insights into how to acquire knowledge, apply it and ultimately gain a deep and intuitive understanding of a subject area that you feel closely connected to.

Although a bit repetitive at times, it was refreshing and uplifting to read that even some of the greatest achievers in the world have more often than not had to work hard for years before they reach their "mastery status", and each one of us has the ability to unlock mastery if we're willing to do so.

So, all in all, I enjoyed the unique blend of biographies interwoven with practical steps and an uplifting take aways and would recommend you give it a read.

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