A human touch and the quiet boom of tactile experiences.

Whilst the development of AI and the speed of these developments are undeniable, I belive that there will increasingly be a booming space for authentic, bespoke and human-made products, services, experiences and communities.

Quick stoytime: I recently had a chatbot exchange with one of my banks and eventually needed to make a call. After multiple steps and close to a one-hour automated interaction, the human-encounter I eventually received was enough to make me close my account and persue research into banks that promotes a human-touch and good old fashioned customer service excellence.  

Even as a self-proclaimed AI enthusiasts and someone who works in technology, leveraging these tools for business on a day-to-day basis, I increasingly find myself gravitating towards more tactile activities such as writing by hand, reading printed materials, reducing screentime and cooking a homemade meal.

Taking the example of my banking "customer service", at that particular moment I was dying to quickly ring up a competant banker and ask them a few simple questions to get access to my funds. Sure, perhaps a clever bot could have done that for me, but a competant and kind human interaction was all that was needed.

Whilst no doubt we're in a boom for AI, personally I'm more bullish on a world that preserves the tactile, but doesn't shy away from leveraging technology in business to deliver better value to customers experience, but not at the expense of the human experience.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I've doubled-downed on not losing sight of the increaing value of the human-touch, rather than that of a bot.

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