Sunday Brief #10 - Re-Booted!

Here's the most recent entry from ym weekly newsletter that I've just re-booted. So I hope you like it and if you do, you can head over the Revue and subscribe.  

Greetings 👋

This is issue 10 of my weekly email newsletter for creative professionals where I share my thoughts, inspiration, life lessons and interesting reads from that week.

This is the reboot of my newsletter that I started last year, so I'm planning on structuring it in a similar way but hopefully adding in a bit more depth of content in a few other areas such as finance, investing and more on top of the usual content.

So without further ado, let's dig into this weeks brief.

Current mood - Looking within. Art by Sane Tnmc

What I'm thinking about

This last week and a bit, here in Cambodia we've been dealing with another COVID community outbreak that has those privileged enough to work at home, staying and working from home much more than usual.

For my wife and I, we're fortunate that it doesn't impact our lives too much - but it's fair to say that it's been difficult to find motivation to do just about anything really. So we're doing our best to embrace this, but also find routines and protocols to help navigate this blow to 2021. This is also part of the reason I've rebooted the newsletter to encourage me to keep going.

“Try your best to fill them in ways that get you a little closer to where you want to be. Go easy on yourself and take your time. Worry less about getting things done. Worry more about things worth doing. Worry less about being a great artist. Worry more about being a good human being who makes art. Worry less about making a mark. Worry more about leaving things better than you found them.” ― Austin Kleon, Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad

For others who may be struggling to find some motivation to stay productive, this mantra pinpointed how I deal with slumps both personally and professionally. I think no matter if you're a creative professional or not, there's merit in taking time each day to find a little time to focus on leaving things a little better than you found them.

As I've mentioned in other contexts, small positives each day help to create a compounding like effect that can really shift the momentum of your life in the right direction.

My favorite things this week

So here's this weeks articles that I saved. I use an app called Instapaper to save, highlight and organize the articles I like.

This weeks playlist

So that's it for issue #10 of Sunday Brief. I hope you enjoyed this and it brightened up your inbox ☀️ Thanks again for taking the time to read and I hope you have a great week!

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Resources for creative

As a Senior Partner at a leading creative agency, I'm always on the lookout for new tools to a) keep me more productive and b) help me do my job better. Check out some of my favorite tried and tested tools:

  • Notion - My all time favorite note taking/productivity app
  • Digital Ocean - My go-to tool for spinning up blogs, websites and more
  • Webflow - The tool I used most often at work to Build better business websites, faster. Without coding
  • - Used both personally and professionally, Landbot makes it intuitive and easy to make both simple and complex chat bot experiences. The best part is, it's a no-code tool.

P.S - Some of these links are affiliate links to support the creation of my blog and newsletter.

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