Goal setting - My Updated Approach for 2020


Recently I wrapped up reading The 4 Hour Work Week. For many, it’s an eye opening book and gives you a fresh perspective on life and how we’re using our ever precious time.

One section that stood out to me was the approach to goal setting. What Ferris calls a dreamline, is the princess of setting 3, 6 or 12 month goals that you phrase and cost out to make them very tangible. For more info you can check out the blog post over on the Tim Ferris blog.

For me, I’ve always been a goal setter and have a Yearly Roadmap set up on a productivity tool called Notion. I did a full video in this which you can watch here.

Now after reading about this process of identifying your Dreamline my set up on Notion has changed slightly, but the general idea of goal setting is the same.

So for the next 6 months I identified the following main goals after listing down what I dream of having, being and doing before picking the 4 that will be most life changing - as laid out in The 4-Hour Work Week book and in the blog.

  • A course on Skillshare
  • A local trip away (resort, nice hotel, private villa etc.)
  • Fluent in Khmer (having a 15 minute conversation with a native)

In terms of tracking these, I’ve added them all to my Yearly Roadmap on Notion, but I’m planning to set this up slightly differently in the next days/weeks making a template that you can duplicate for crafting your own dreamline.

Example roadmap in Notion

So, what are your goals and how do you track them?

Check out the awesome Notion app here

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